Multimedia Narrative


With the modern age, everything has begun to change around us including our cars, computers, and the speed of ideas. Even the most obscure things are affected by the technology changing. This includes the experience of college admissions. In the past, paper applications would be sent in with addresses, essays, and personal information done in repetitive meticulous writing would be mailed in. Students would wait for weeks in anticipation of the UPS arriving to read their results. Nowadays, people send in their applications through online services and at 6:00:01 PM EST, hundreds of emails are opened at the same time. Tears and laughter occur across the globe simultaneously. What does this mean for the future and how does this change anything?  

I wanted to know what this would mean for a school, in particular my school, Washington and Lee. I wanted to find out what this would mean in terms of its historical background regarding minorities, its size, and how prospective students would be affected by these systems.

To give background information on the formation of this school, Washington and Lee has been historically an all boys school of just the caucasian race, slowly increasing to females. Being such a small school, change is slow and in consequence, so is digitization. As shown on the timeline, the Common App has slowly been implemented and forms have been scanned into system around 2012.

To find more information about the changes in this style of admissions, I spoke to Sally Stone Richmond, the Vice President for Admissions and Financial Aid for Washington and Lee. We discussed the pros and cons that have come out of this new modern age, but more importantly, the way that privacy is more involved in the process that anyone realizes. The question then become what this does for the school. The overall effects seem to be the increased diversity of students and changing the culture of the school slowly, but surely. 






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